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"I love personalised things. That's why all my shirts and dresses have my initials on them. Now I've also had my glasses customised. Thank you Impress3d"

Norman - Marketing director

"I have only recently used these glasses. Until now, I have never had such lightweight glasses. I have already dropped them on the floor several times, but without any consequences for the frame or the lenses.

Ilse - Pensioner


"This is the third pair of glasses I've bought for myself in just one year. All made to measure, in different colours and with different temples.
One pair even has my initials on it.

Petra - Secretary

"As I have a manual labour job, I need the glasses not to move while working so I don't have to touch them with dirty hands. These glasses are very light and perfect for my face".

Katia - Farm owner


"These glasses are really comfortable and light, since I put them on I can't take them off anymore. I recommend them to all my friends for a unique and innovative look."

Alexandra - Teacher

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